盛世收藏精品推荐 宋代玉童子把件

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盛世收藏精品推荐 宋代玉童子把件

【藏.荐】栏 为藏品强大的传播效应向各位买家推荐经国家一级鉴定专家甄选的艺术珍品,为藏家牵线搭桥,让千百件艺术珍品价值被发掘与重视,在拍卖会上得以高价成交。Column for the collection of powerful dissemination effect to each buyer recommended by the national expert selection of art treasures, for collectors matchmaking, let thousands of art treasures value was discovered and take seriously, in the auction to clinch a deal at a high price.



【规格】长50.9毫米 宽23毫米 重量25.51

  【类别】 玉器



[Name] Jade boy in song dynasty

specificationsLength 50.9 mm wide 23 mm weight 25.51 g

[Category] jade

Show the price1800000.00 CNY

宋代是中国历史发展进程中一个奇特的时期,在战乱、纷争不断的版图上,两宋内部政治统一,出现了经济繁荣的局面。农业、手工业、国内商业、对外贸易都有了长足发展,尤其是文化更是繁盛一时。史学大家陈寅恪说过:“华夏民族之文化,历数千年之演变,造极于赵宋之世。”The song dynasty was a peculiar period in the development of Chinese history. On the territory of wars and disputes, the internal political unification of the two song dynasties led to economic prosperity. Agriculture, handicraft industry, domestic commerce and foreign trade all developed by leaps and bounds, especially culture. Chen yinque, a scholar of history, once said, "the culture of the Chinese nation evolved over thousands of years and was created in the period of zhao and song.

宋代玉器在当时绘画、雕塑艺术的影响下,在继承唐代写实风格的基础上,突破了前代的框架约束,以现实主义的创作手法,以简练、含蓄的表现技巧,走向了一个高峰。玉工们追求形神兼备、对称均衡的艺术境地和生动活泼、清新自然的高雅情怀,通过精湛娴熟的琢治技巧,充分显示出温润、柔美、晶莹的玉德,使玉器既有实用性,又具有很高的艺术观赏价值。我国玉文化的发展,到了两汉以后动荡的三国两晋、南北朝时期,进入了一个衰退期。而随后的隋唐时代,国家统一与经济复苏,使得制玉用玉风气再度兴起。此时的用玉内涵也开始脱离礼制的束缚,而与日常生活相结合,新出现了一批如碗、杯、角等容器,和簪、步摇等饰件这样富有生活风气的器物。但总体上说,玉器的制作数量仍然较少。考古发掘器物的出土地点主要集中在古都长安及其周边地区,其他各地则极为罕见,可见当时用玉的主体仍然局限于王公贵族阶层。宋、辽、金时期,玉雕艺术逐渐繁荣,用玉进入民间。这一时期的作品工艺上开始趋于细致写实,富有画意。元代玉雕,在原有基础上有更大发展,盛行“深刀重刻”的雕琢手法,线条粗壮有力,造型多呈动态。明代,用玉普及至士族和庶民,一般文人雅士的墓内都有出土玉器的记录,一些既无墓志也无买地券的墓葬也都出土过玉器。明代玉器的特征,在前期与元代很相似,大约自中期开始形成独特的时代风格,雕琢上虽然用刀粗放,但造型逐渐向静止平和方向发展。由于用玉的数量大增,作为商品化生产,除部分作品精雕外,出现较多粗作玉器,给人以“粗大明”的印象。清代,爱好玉雕的习俗更为普遍,大户人家的帐帷和儿童颈肩胸围都有悬挂或缝缀玉器。!所以说玉雕文化的历史十分悠长。Under the influence of painting and sculpture art at that time, the jade wares in song dynasty broke through the frame restriction of the previous generation on the basis of inheriting the realistic style of tang dynasty. The jade workers pursue the artistic condition of both form and spirit, symmetry and balance and the vivid and fresh and natural elegant feelings. Through the exquisite and skillful cutting and cutting, the jade virtues of gentleness, softness and glittering and translucent are fully displayed, making the jade articles not only practical but also of high artistic appreciation value. The development of jade culture in China entered a period of decline in the turbulent three kingdoms, jin and southern and northern dynasties after the han dynasty. In the sui and tang dynasties, national unification and economic recovery led to the revival of jade production and use. At this time, the connotation of jade also began to break away from the shackles of the ritual system, and combined with daily life, a new batch of containers such as bowls, cups, horns, and hairpins, moves such as ornaments such as full of life atmosphere. But overall, the number of jades produced is still small. Archaeological excavations are mainly located in the ancient capital chang 'an and its surrounding areas, while other places are extremely rare, which shows that the main body of jade used at that time was still limited to the royal and noble classes. During the song, liao and jin dynasties, jade carving art gradually flourished and jade was used to enter the people. The works of this period began to be meticulous and realistic and full of painting meaning. Jade carving in the yuan dynasty, on the basis of the original has a greater development, the prevailing "deep knife re-carving" carving techniques, strong lines, shape mostly dynamic. In the Ming dynasty, jade was used to popularize the use of jade to the gentry and the common people. Generally, jade articles were unearthed in the tombs of literati, and some tombs without epitaphs or land coupons were also unearthed. The features of jade articles in Ming dynasty are very similar to those in yuan dynasty in the early stage, and they have formed a unique style since the middle stage. As a result of the increase in the number of jade, as a commercial production, in addition to part of the work of fine carving, appear more rough jade, give a person with "rough and bright" impression. Qing dynasty, the custom that likes jade carving is more common, the curtain curtain of large family family and children neck shoulder chest circumference have pensile or sewed jade article. ! So the history of jade carving culture is very long.

宋代制玉技艺工艺更加成熟,玉器的内容和题材逐步趋向世俗化和商品化,生活用器和玩赏器日益增多,出现了许多新品种,玉雕童子就是在宋代出现的,被当时的人们喜爱。玉童子的出现和盛行,以崭新的面貌显示出民间浓厚的生活气息,是中国玉文化进入世俗化时期的重要标志之一。而童子一向有着喜庆吉祥的良好寓意。到宋代玉器的内容和题材逐步趋向世俗化和商品化,生活用器和玩赏器日益增多,出现了许多新品种,玉雕童子就是在宋代出现的。玉童子的出现和盛行,是中国玉文化进入世俗化时期的重要标志之一。在传统的寓意中, 表现吉祥喜庆的童子题材很多,如“连生贵子”“麒麟送子”“五子登科”“百子禧春”“童子戏弥勒”“童子送桃”“童子骑龙”等比比皆是。The jade craft in the song dynasty was more mature, and the content and theme of jade articles gradually tended to be secularized and commercialized. There were more and more articles for daily use and toys, and many new varieties emerged. Jade carving children appeared in the song dynasty and were loved by people at that time. The appearance and prevalence of jade children, with a new look to show the folk strong flavor of life, is one of the important signs of Chinese jade culture into the secularization period. Children have always been a good implication of good luck and happiness. The content and theme of jade wares in the song dynasty gradually tended to be secularized and commercialized. There were more and more articles for daily use and toys, and many new varieties appeared. Jade carving children appeared in the song dynasty. The appearance and prevalence of jade children is one of the important signs of the secularization of Chinese jade culture. In the traditional moral, the performance of auspicious and festive themes of children, such as "lian sheng guizi", "kylin sent children", "wuzi deng ke", "100 children jubilee spring", "tongzi play maitreya", "tong zi sent peach", "tong zi riding dragon" and so on everywhere.

《周礼》中提到“以玉作六瑞”,认为玉是沟通神灵、祈求吉祥的瑞物。玉与婴戏纹的结合,使得玉童子佩吉祥的寓意更加完美,反映了身处战乱年代的宋人对美好生活的向往,对吉祥如意的希望,因此儿童造型的玉器便成为了宋代玉器的一个重要类别。此件玉童子头部较大,后脑隆起,眼睛、鼻子也比较大,嘴比较小,面部五官刻画简练有力。衣服袖子细长,裤子有纹饰,上衣有三至四道阴刻线纹。雕工自然姿态活泼,表现了童子的天真性格和琢玉师的高超水平,且沁色温润,是一件十分难得的童子玉雕饰件。颇具时代特色。收藏价值和升值空间极高!In the rites of zhou, it is mentioned that jade is regarded as one of the auspicious things to communicate with gods and pray for good luck. The combination of jade and pram pattern makes the implied meaning of jade child's auspicious decoration more perfect, which reflects the song people's yearning for a better life and good luck in wartime. Therefore, children's jade ware became an important category of jade ware in song dynasty. This jade child has a large head, a prominent back brain, large eyes and nose, a small mouth, and concise and powerful facial features. The sleeves are long and thin, the trousers are decorated, and the coat has three or four lines. The natural posture of the carver is lively, showed the naive character of the boy and the superb level of the jade division of zhuo, and qinse wenrun, is a very rare boy jade carving ornaments. Quite characteristic of The Times. Collection value and appreciation space is very high!

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